Multiple camera system in Jetson TX2 with L4T28.1 using Auvidia J106


I am trying to setup a 4-6 camera system in TX2 with L4T28.1 using Auvidia J106.

Anybody successfully tested 4-6 camera system using Auvidia J106 setup?

I saw a Ridgerun wiki page demonstrating 6 camera system using J106, however its in TX1.

The problem I am facing is:

  1. In J106, 3 I2C bus is shared by 6 CSI ports. CSI port A&B uses I2C0, C&D uses I2C6, E&F uses I2C2.
  2. If I connect cameras to CSI ports which does not share I2C bus (A,C,E or B,D,F), everything is working fine.
  3. But if I connect cameras to CSI ports which share I2C bus (A&B or C&D or E&F), one of them is not working. I2C arbitration error occurs.

Just wanted to know if this is an hardware issue or any configuration issue from my side.

Note: Expecting response from Auvidia team as well (did not try direct customer support as the response will always be delayed).


The same device can’t connect to the same bus. You need a i2c mux to extend the i2c bus for multiple sensors.

Hi ShaneCCC,

Sorry I did not mention that J106 internally uses I2C shifter for CSI ports sharing I2C bus, so that should not be an issue.

Update from my side is that:

Streaming works in E & F CSI ports (both using I2C2) when cameras are connected through a SER-DES. I2C issue still prevails when cameras are connected directly. So, it seems to be some hardware issue (which I am not able to isolate).


Did you check if address conflict in the cameras sharing same I2C bus?


Any update?

Same problem, get three cameras (VC IMX296) on A C and E recognised on I2C but streaming works only on E…

I have a J20 on tx2 dev board and the same cameras work on A C and E

Thanks in advance