CAM_I2C bus to multiple cameras feasible on JETSON TX2?

Hi there,

Would like to get some advice on I2C connectivity for JETSON TX2.

I would like to build a camera interposer board that houses 3 cameras. Each of them have different I2C address.

I plan to just use the CAM_I2C_SCL/SDA bus and fanout to all 3 of them.

Is it feasible to fanout JETSON I2C bus to 3 cameras like this?


If the cameras have different I2C addresses, then yes, it should be possible to talk to them separately, one at a time, using the same I2C bus.
(At least according to my reading of the design docs.)

snarky is right, and if your sensor address can’t programing you need an I2C Mux for multiple sensor design.


Thanks guys for your feedback!