How to use the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 with TX2

Hi! I would like to use the camera “Raspberry Pi Camera v2(SONY IMX219)” with TX2.
I know from the “NVIDIA_Jetson_Nano_Developer_Kit_User_Guide.pdf” that the camera (Raspberry Pi Camera v2) is likely to work with NANO.
Please let me know if the camera (Raspberry Pi Camera v2) can be used with TX2.
I think the answer is one of the following three.
I think the answer is 2). In this case, could you tell me the site and download file name?

  1. Is it possible to capture images if this camera is connected with TX2 in the default state?
  2. Is it possible to download images using this camera by downloading and installing the specified driver from the specified site?
  3. Since this camera does not support TX2, NVIDIA has declared that it cannot be connected.

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How did you connect it to TX2? Their connector should be different.

Thank you for answer.
I know that the connector type is different for TX2 and NANO.
Therefore, I am thinking of converting the connector type to connect the “Raspberry Pi Camera v2” to the TX2 kit. I think it would be easy to change the connector type.It’s just a physical problem.

I want to know if the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 can be operated with TX2 ,if the difference in connector type is resolved.

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How about the question heard last time?
Can I use “Raspberry Pi Camera v2” with TX2?
There is no description in the manuals that it can be used with TX2.
However, there is a description that it can be used in the NANO manual.
TX2 and NANO have a CSI port both.
I’m curious if “Raspberry Pi Camera v2” can be used with TX2.
Please let me know if “Raspberry Pi Camera v2” can be used with TX2.
When using it, I will use the carrier board I make, not the carrier board of NVIDIA. I think this is possible if the TX2 CSI port can accept TX2.

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There’s no problem to use it on TX2. However you may need software configure after you solve the connector problem.

Thank you for your answer.
Does “software configuration” mean that I need to create a BSP ?

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You need to create dtb file to enable the imx219 on TX2.

can you point out what’s the difference if both of them are csi?

Could you give more specific of your question?

Hi, how can I connect Jetson Tx2 to raspberry pi cam? since both of them are different connectors.

raspberry Pi cam has a 15 pin connector, what about TX2 @ShaneCCC

TX2 didn’t support PI cam, but TX2 NX/Nano/Xavier NX have the same connector to support PI camera.