rPi cameras on Nano?

It seems that the latest Linux jetson-nano 4.9.140-tegra build does not include support for wide angle raspberry csi camera which is very popular.

At least I cannot make it work - the camera has OV5467 sensor and I see i2c errors in the logs.

On other forums posts I see advices how to rebuild the kernel and include the support.

It will be nice to add popular cameras in the image.

None of the Jetsons have supported Version 1 Raspberry Pi cameras (OV5647 sensor.)
The Nano does come with a driver for the Version 2 Raspberry Pi cameras, which include a number of “IR” and “wide angle” variants (IMX219 sensor.)
This is just the way it is, and is well documented in the SDK. If you want to use a Raspberry Pi version 1 camera, you will have to develop your own driver for that camera/sensor.
(It’s probably cheaper and faster to just buy a version 2 compatible camera for $20 off of the usual low-cost supply websites, or to use a USB webcam.)

Note that OV5647 sensor is discontinued/EOL from manufacturer (Omnivision), so as snarky pointed out the IMX219-based cameras are preferred from a support standpoint going forward.

AFAIK,ov5647 driver could be import from source of https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux , and I noticed that a bunch of files had been modified by rPi guys。

You understand that the Raspberry Pi CSI hardware is different from the Jetson CSI hardware, right?

Yes, it’s totally possible to write a driver for the OV5647 for the Nano (and other Jetsons.) No, it’s not a trivial undertaking.

So that’s my fault, IMO both CSI/MIPI interfaces and protocol is same and exchangeable.

Electrically, that’s correct, but that’s a bit like saying “Ethernet is exchangeable.”
You still need network card drivers and a network stack, and then the two ends need to agree on which protocol to use.


We have been working with OV5647, in case you need help, you can read more about it here:




Thx for your patient, I have got the ov5467 datasheet which description all it’s registers.
Does there have any programming guide to driven Nano i2c;;

I go through below document first:

BY JerryChang:
Jetson-TX2 and Jetson-Nano having different CSI capability. suggest you access Jetson Nano System-on-Module Data Sheet and check the [Image Signal Processor (ISP)] session. The imaging subsystem supports raw (Bayer) image sensors up to 24 million pixels.

This is the topic which I needed.


Thanks again.

Try using the Nano technical reference manual and sample code where available, and if something is missing, look at how it’s done on the TX1. The TX1 is very close to the Nano in hardware peripherals/capabilities (but the nano is half the GPU, and the developer carrier board is different.)

In the Nano kernel source (which you can check out by running the “source_sync.sh” script in the L4T directory JetPack installs) you find the file nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/imx219.c which shows how the IMX219 sensor is set up. Presumably you can use this as a start for writing an OVH5467 sensor driver.