Confusion about camera support

I am somewhat confused about what cameras are or are not supported by the nano vs the PI.

Basically I have seen multiple cameras with the same CSI-2 connector for both the PI and the Nano but I am confused what this means. Are all cameras that work on the PI with the same CSI-2 connector as the Nano also useable on the nano/nx? What makes a camera supported?

Hi @lowellm,

In the latest releases of Jetpack it is supported for example the classic raspberry pi v2 camera (IMX219).

A camera is supported when the driver is enabled in the system, therefore in Jetpack a reference driver is included and it will work for this camera.

If you want to support any custom camera, you can start by reading the developer’s guide.

RidgeRun also offers professional services for camera drivers, here you can find a list of common drivers. Also, if you want to use a camera that is not on the list we can also develop a custom driver.


@DavidSoto-RidgeRun based on my reading of Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Compatibility, the RPi HQ camera based on the IMX477 is now supported on both CSI ports on the Jetson Nano, correct? So I could have 2 RPi HQ cameras and be pulling in both video feeds?

That’d be pretty awesome, looking to have a wide angle and close up feed. There’s enough CPU to combine the 2 video streams and encode onto a single video to stream out?

It is not supported by default. You will need to follow the appropriate steps to enable support for IMX477. Unfortunately, the CSI bus is not as “plug and play” as you’re probably used to from USB bus cameras.

@snarky Well, I’m used to RPi, but that is pretty close to USB PnP.

But 2 CSI buses are both supported and both can support the RPi HQ camera? As long as the docs are readily available with some searches and maybe a kernel module or two compile & configure, that works for me.

Which seems to be the right info. Although with a small hardware mode, but still, seems to be the right spot for how to get things working with 2 CSI-2 interfaces.

@drizzt321 correct, the HQ camera is now supported but you need to use the open source driver that we provided. You need to follow the instructions in the wiki to build a kernel image that enables the sensors. More details here:

@DavidSoto-RidgeRun Awesome! Great to hear!

Something I just ran into on the RPi4, the h264 level it supports is max 4 ( which is max 30fps @1080p. Reading the Nano RPi4 HQ Camera support thread I see I’ll get the 1080p@60 I’m looking for :) Yippee!

GAH, not used to the forum, accidentally deleted the original post.

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