Can I use 4 csi2 to 1 csi2 module on Jetson Nano

Can I use 4 camera(connection type is csi2(mipi)) with one csi2 connector on Jetson Nano via extender Module( ?
Thanks already for your helping.

hello serkanturkkolu,

to be honest, currently we don’t have multiple camera supports (l4t-r32.1) on Jetson-Nano.
there’re supported camera list of Jetson-Nano, please also refer to

  1. Raspberry Pi V2 Camera
  2. Raspberry Pi V2 Camera (NOIR)
  3. Arducam IMX219 CS lens mount
  4. Arducam IMX219 M12 lens mount
  5. LeopardImaging LI-IMX219-MIPI-AF-NANO
  6. LeopardImaging LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO

Hello JerryChang,
I also tried to use the multi camera adapter from Arducam (v2.1) and I am surprised it does not work. This adapter is meant to multiplex up to 4 cameras meaning that the camera are sequentially accessed. The handling of the i2c (control) signals of the CSI is smart and make possible to address each camera separately (HiZ on the 3 others). Now I do not know how the rest of the CSI wires are wired on the adapter board but I don’t see why it could possibly be problematic. Any hypothesis on that? What is the reason why it is not supported. It seems very close to be fully functional.
Thank you very much.

Any update on that?

hello dumesnil,

you might access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, and check Chapter-6, [MIPI CSI (VIDEO INPUT)].
please also refer to Table-37 for the CSI configurations of sensor connections,