Connecting up to 10 cameras with the Jetson Nano

Hello everyone,
I am currently working on a project concerning 360° 3D videos. Thus, I am looking for a microcontroller that can be connected with up to 10 cameras and store the footage on an SD card. Is there a suitable way to get this done with the Jetson Nano? I know that there exist multi-camera adapters – e.g. from Arducam – but I haven’t found a solution for up to 10 cameras yet.

Have a check below link for the detail information.

So the short answer is: No, it is not possible with the Jetson Nano?

Right, for Jetson Nano only support 4 CSI cameras

And there is no workaround?

No HW limitation to support it.
You can use Jetson NX/Xavier/TX2 but Nano/TX1

Okey. So, wouldn’t 4 stereo cameras (such as the Arducam 8MP Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit for Jetson Nano) work with the Jetson Nano?

Right, for the devkit only have two connect to support one stereo cameras.

Okey. And how would I then connect up to 10 cameras to the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit?

Or if not possible, is there any carrier board or adapter that would allow me to do so for the Jetson TX2 NX?

You can consult with camera partner to get customized carrier board and sensor board that can support up to 10 cameras.

All right! Thank you