How to connect four cameras to Jetson Nano

I’d like to connect four cameras to my jetson nano and run them simultaneously.

Technical specifications for Jetson Nano listed here state the device can support “Up to 4 cameras”. My question is how? Is there any documentation or other official guidance about how to configure the Nano to support four cameras? I see some third party products that claim to enable this sort of support, is there any guidance on which companies Nvidia recommends for this purpose?


Hi @Sealfoss

Regarding this question, there are some important considerations:

  • Which Jetson Nano are you using? If there is a Nano Development Kit, this board only supports connecting 2 cameras.
  • To support 4 cameras, the hardware needs to be custom to expose the other camera ports.
  • Companies like D3 engineering, ConnectTech and Leopard Imaging could help with the hardware custom creation services.
  • An important consideration is that the Jetson Nano does not support Virtual Channel.

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Probably should’ve specified the nano developer kit. I’ll check out those vendors. Thanks.

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