Nano-Dev Kit Multicam Clarification


So I’ve been searching the forum for some clarity on the nano dev kit using multiple cameras. I found three separate posts on these forums that seem to conflict with each other.

The first post states that multicam capability is not available on the Nano due to non-inclusion of L4T-R32.1

The second post stats that the nano can handle 5 CSI modules.

The last post says that Jetpack 4.2.2 is currently equipped with L4T-R32.2

My search began while considering this option for multiplexing cameras which was mentioned in the first two posts.

Some time has passed since either of those two posts were made. Can I get some clarification on whether this device is now supported on the Nano Dev Kit?


I would like to correct my comment.
Nano’s design only can support 4 cameras. (one quad-lane camera and three dual-lane cameras)
You should be able to get the detail information.