Possible MIPI configurations


I saw an inofficial datasheet of the Nano (there still does not seem to be an official one available?!). It said that the Nano supports the following MIPI configurations:

Supports both x4-lane and x2-lane sensor camera configurations:
- x4 only configuration (up to 3 active streams)
- x4 + x2 configurations (up to 4 active streams

Is it correct that the nano can not support 6 x2 cameras simultaneously?

Are x1-lane sensors also supported? If so, how many could be run simultaneously?

Hi arne.caspari, the official Jetson Nano Module Datasheet will be released closer in time to the availability of the production module, later this month or early July.

Correct, it supports a maximum of 4 active streams simultaneously.

Yes x1 sensors are supported as well, up to 4 active streams simultaneously.

dusty_nv could you please publish how to assign pins on the Jetson Nano board to 3 camera with 4 MIPI lanes each.

Hi Otto, camera connection details will be published along with the design info later this month or early July when the production module is released.