Multiple Cameras for Jetson Nano

What is the best way to connect multiple cameras (preferably raspberry pi cameras) to the jetson nano? Can it be done without using USB ports?

I’ve wondered the same? Are CSI multiplexers supported on Nano?

Hi, please refer to OEM DG for camera design of Jetson nano.


In case you want to attach 2 camera to the jetson nano board you could use JN30 it has two CSI ports in which you can connect two raspberry pi cameras (imx219), but you have to take into account that you would need to modify the DTB in order to match with this new board, also you have to extend the DTB to support two cameras instead one camera that the one supported by default with the jetson nano evm kit.


I’m a little confused by the JN30 offering from Auvidea

They say the 2 lane CSI ports on the button side are not support yet. I assume they mean the Raspberry Pi compatible ports.

But, why wouldn’t they be supported as the Jetson Nano has support for a 2-lane Raspberry Pi Cameras.

Then when I click for the datasheet I get a 404 - Page not found error.

Has anyone used the JN30 offering to get two Raspberry Cameras to work?