About two camera ( CSI and USB ) connection problems

I think to connect 2 cameras (“Raspberry Pi Camera V2” and “AR0521 ON Semiconductor(e-con Systems CU55)”) for NANO.
The connection interface will be CSI for RasPI and USB3.0 for AR0521.
In other topics, it was mentioned that there was a known issue with USB camera and CSI camera connection.


Are there any known issues with connecting the two cameras mentioned above?
and , Are there any problems with these cameras connection?

In addition, since there is a self-made carrier board between nano and peripheral devices, there is no problem with physical connection mismatches such as connector differences.

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Above 2 cameras is conected in the same time.

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There’s no problem for your use case.
The topic that you were referenced to is special USB camera and that problem already fixed.

Thank you for your answer.

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