Connect several cameras to Jetson TX2 wirelessly

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Jetson world and working on Project for object detection, and recognition (Yolo). ur requirements are such that we will acquire videos from four different cameras. The cameras will be located at 4 distant (upto 20 ft from board) locations and would connect to our embedded platform over WiFi. Each camera would send out a “.mp4” bit stream (between 10-30 fps) So my questions are:

1-Is it possible to connect multiple cameras to the Jetson TX2 per Wireless Interface ?
2- if yes, are there known cameras that are compatible with the Jetson tx2 ?

Would be thankful to get help

Hi kjbaili,

I can’t answer that due to no experience on wireless camera, and not sure if anyone compatible with Jetson TX2, but if can find one which work on a Ubuntu host, then should be OK to run on Jetson if the driver is ready for ARM. May other developer share experiences with you if done similar use case.