Suggestions for 10" camera cable?

All I need is about 10" of cabling to go from the desired location of my camera, to the desired location of the Jetson TX2 DK. I also need to run at 60 Hz or better, but not at particularly high resolution (640x360 is fine, 1280x720 is about the biggest I can use.)

It seems like all of the NVIDIA partners have given up on actually supporting third party cameras – they all say “you need to make your own driver” or “our driver only support Bayer” or “our driver is a few weeks away” (been saying that for six months) or some-such.

Is there some modification I can make to the module that comes with the DK? (It looks like “no” but I thought I’d ask)

Is there some vendor that has the exact same sensor as the one on the development kit, but on a wire, and the existing drivers work?

(In the best of worlds, is there some vendor that has an adapter with TWO inputs, and modules and drivers that actually work robustly? With global shutter and synchronized trigger? You know, for stereo?)

Hi snarky,

I am MKS, part of e-con systems, a camera partner for NVIDIA. You seem to have very specific requirements with respect to camera support on TX2 and we do have products similar to some of your requirements : Synchronized multi cameras, global shutter cameras with flexible cables on TX2, etc . Can you please mail us at and with your requirements so that we can take this forward?