12G SDI Input into nvidia jetson tx2

Hi Forum,

I was looking at any means of passing a 12gsdi(3840x2160@60p) video into the nvidia jetson tx2 development kit and do some video processing. Are there any tested or compatible capture cards preferably pcie available for me to carry out this excersice? I did see some SDI pcie cards from Blackmagic design is it possible for me to use any of their declink reange with the jetson tx2 evaluation board ?


Hi ashwinchiwadi,

We don’t have suggested list and experience for SDI PCIe capture card, if it is a standard PCIe port then will be OK for Jetson from HW point of view, however you need to confirm if a kernel driver is listed for any Linux (with existing kernel source compile)…if it is, then chances are the driver works in arm64 also. If the source code is not available, then you would need an arm64/aarch64 binary driver.