PCIe HDMI input

Is there a HDMI PCIe card that can be used with TX1?
I’m happy with 1920x1080 with at least 30Frames.

that’s for grabbing frames

HDMI and PCIe on TX1 are standard, you only need to search an existing convert board from third part and tune it by yourself. This topic may be useful even it is for TK1. https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/810948/jetson-tk1-hdmi-input/

not looking for miniPCIe

Looking for normal PCIe card that someone had already tried and used successfully :)

But what you’re saying is any card should work as long as i can compile drivers for it?

If the drivers are available for that card under this architecture then there will be no difference between a Jetson and any other Linux system.

I found some information here: https://github.com/stb-tester/stb-tester/wiki/Video-capture-hardware-for-DIY-stb-tester-rigs
Not for ARM but for linux in general. Looks like a good starting point for research.

This also looks like a good alternative, HDMI capture over IP: https://blog.benjojo.co.uk/post/cheap-hdmi-capture-for-linux

Odds of support under arm64/aarch64 go up dramatically if the driver is already in the kernel source for desktop type PCs (odds would be close to 100%). If the driver must be downloaded from the manufacturer in a binary format odds are close to zero (the driver would specifically need to be marked as arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-A…plain ARM or armhf typically is 32-bit and not 64-bit). If the driver must be downloaded from the manufacturer in source form, then odds of this architecture go back up, but are not guaranteed. You can test compile such source code downloads as a module prior to purchasing the hardware to see if a driver can be built…but it won’t be until the hardware is connected and the driver module inserted that you’ll actually know if there are quirks or problems on arm64/aarch64.

I listed 5 alternatives of capturing HDMI video on Jetson TX1 in my blog post: https://jkjung-avt.github.io/vidcap-in-torch7/. For most of them I have personally tested and verified it working on Jetson TX1.

Just in case this information could be useful (although none of them is via PCIe).