Video Input over PCIe?

Hello all,

We’re considering building a product based on the TX1. Is it possible to acquire video over PCIe for subsequent encoding, rather than using MIPI-CSI? I read through the relevant parts of the technical manual, but it wasn’t clear to me what the memory requirements were for input into the encoding IP.



The video encoder is accessed through gstreamer. So first you would want to make sure you had a Linux PCIe driver for your video input device (perhaps it could be a V4L2-compliant driver). Then you would write a gstreamer pipeline that connected your video input element (i.e. v4l2src) to the encoder. Many hw-accelerated codecs are available, try running gst-inspect | grep omx from the command line to see.

For example gstreamer pipelines, see the Multimedia User Guide or this wiki page