Advice for video input interface

Hello everyone.

I need your advice on the video interface of AGX.
Here is the situation, we have a raw video source that we plan to encode on the AGX. The raw video source comes with HD-SDI ( high-definition serial digital interface). We will convert to another format for the AGX to process.

Here are the options:

  1. via CSI-2 lane
  2. via PCI-e
  3. via USB which we tried and observed some io overheat ( all 8-cores %25-%30 CPU load)

Please make suggestions and explain why you choose that option. And don’t hesitate to make new suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Many people using CSI interface but you need to implement the driver and device tree configure.
For the PCI-e suppose need driver implementation too.
The USB maybe memory copy cause the IO overheat.

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