Hi resolution multicam setup design

I’m looking to connect 6 cameras to a Xavier board, to enable h265 encoding and storage in 4K@30fps resolution.
I understand there is a limitation on the CSI bus and USB controllers in terms of signal bandwidth.
I have to optimise the whole system for weight and power consumption.

What would the system look like? Is connecting six 4K cameras possible using a single carrier board or should I look at multiple boards connecting 2-3 cameras each?

I think there’s no much different for multiple board or single board.

Will AGX be able to process 6 concurrent 4K streams over USB or CSI?
What the multiplexer configuration should look like if I wanted to connect six CSI cams?

No problem for CSI but USB can’t due to USB share the bus bandwidth

Thanks, that’s what I thought.
I understand Xavier AGX Dev Kit board has 2 CSI connectors. Any recommendations for CSI multiplexers if I wanted to work with the Dev Kit for the moment?

You can design your carrier board for 6 above cameras.
Have a check the camera design guide from download center.