Nvidia xavier agx dev kit - requires usb hub. maximum cameras and need hub suggestion

Looking to use multiple USB cameras, but there is only a single port, well 2 if you use the e-sata interface.
Are there any limits to the number of cameras if I use a hub? I have seen 4 but not sure if I am getting confused with the module itself or this dev kit?



There are tow type-C ports on Xavier devkit. Please use adapters to connect to the cameras:
This will give each camera full USB3 bandwidth.

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Ah…didn’t even think of those. The other 2xUSB 3.0 would be okay to use as well I suppose, just slightly limited?
So, I could have:

  • 2 USB type C ports
  • 1 USB
  • 1 eSata

that could give me 4 cameras without issue?

You would need to use USB3 cameras to get 5Gbps bandwidth. If the cameras are USB2, it only gets 480Mbps.