USB-A with AGX

I’m going to buy a Jetson Xavier AGX, but after reading forums, I still have some doubts.

a) I’m going to connect a Lidar, a Mynt Eye 3D Camera and an arduino. They are USB-A 3.0/2.0. Can I buy an USB-C hub for it? I read that a pci -USB card will work, but at this time, I don’t want to deal with mechanical designs for the card.

b) Also, do I need to buy a wifi card or it is included in the dev pack?

Thanks, Juan.

Hi lch_jramirez,

Welcome to Jetson & Embedded Systems forum, for tour questions, you can refer to below link to know the Xavier devkit I/O to decide if need to by the USB hub:

Regarding the Wifi, yes, you need to buy one for wireless network access.


Thanks for your fast answer. I’ve checked the info, but it said that there I have access to two USB-A ports, a hybrid connector eSATA and USB3 Type-A, and a second using the provided USB Type-C to Type-A adapter. This port should be used for keyboard and mouse. No more information.

So my question continues. How is people connecting USB devices like cameras, lidar or other USB equipment to their Jetson AGX. Can you please help me to understand how?

Thanks again, Juan.

The availability of connectors depends on the carrier board. For the development kit there is a USB3 type-C connector, and a USB3 type-A connector (which has some sort of eSATA with it…not sure what is needed for this to work with a disk, but it does work with keyboard/mouse or any normal device). There is also a micro-OTG port, and the function for this depends on whether a micro-OTG type-A or type-B connector is used.

There is also a cable provided with the development kit: Type-C at one end (works on the Jetson), and type-A on the other end (for the PC…works with flash and virtual ethernet, or probably many other uses, including a HUB with a keyboard).

Do note though that some cameras might require the entire bandwidth of the type-C or type-A connector. Cameras wanting full bandwidth would work individually on a connector, but when used simultaneously (via a HUB) could fail.

Thanks. I see that the OTG port can be used only for UART. Only the two type-C port are for USB.
I give up soI will buy in addition to the Jetson Xavier AGX, a wifi card and a PCI - USB card. I will design a case to hold the antennas and the card.
The Jeson Xavier NX has USB-A ports so I thought that an upper model also will have it resolved, but looks like was designed with other kinds of integration with sensors and actuators.