Additional USB and Ethernet Port on AGX Xavier development kit


As AGX Xavier development kit has only one USB and Ethernet port. How can we access the other usb ports and the ethernet. For example, we need to use Three USB and 2 Ethernet on development kit.

AGX devkit has other 2 type C ports.

But there is no other etherent port. Do you want to use extra usb NIC or PCIe NIC?

Yes I think PCIe. Do you have some suggestions please.

I want to have additional USB ports and Ethernet Port. Is it possible to expand using PCIe. If so please could you suggest some materials suitable for Jetson

I would like to use usb NIC. Is that possible?

On the AGX Xavier Devkit, there is a M.2 E slot on the bottom. You can plug such a card in there:

for USB there are these cards: They use the PCIex16 slot and need extra power for the USB ports. You gain 4 additional USB 3 A ports.

Should work with the standard Linux drivers.


Thank you for the components.
And are the drivers for these components available in Jetson AGX Xavier?

They should be in the standard Linux kernel (where NVidia adds their drivers but don’t remove anything they don’t need), even if not enabled by default. Maybe you have to recompile the Kernel to include these drivers. The Devkit should always show you the cards in lspci. If the show up there it’s only a matter of drivers.


Great, thanks for the answer.

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