Jetson AGX xavier PCI E card support


i would like to know, PCI E supported cards for jetson agx xavier. i m looking for 4 USB port PCIE card that supported by jetson agx xavier, please help me in getting the list, thanks

I have no particular hardware advice, but any PCIe card which has Linux drivers available in the Linux kernel would be compatible for software (you might need to compile and add the kernel driver on the Jetson, but if the driver is available to Linux in general, then it should be possible to build the driver for the arm64/aarch64 architecture…do make sure the driver is something shown compatible with a 4.x series kernel). Also, I won’t guarantee that power delivery will be sufficient unless you have external power for your card. Keep in mind that a 4-port USB card might be trying to power four external USB devices and the method of powering a Jetson can have an effect on what power is available to a PCIe device, which in turn changes what power is available to the four USB devices.

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