How to install PCIe USB3.0 card on Jetson Xavier?

I see recommended cards here:

E.g. Startech 4 Port PCIe USB3.0. After inserting in the PCIe slot, does it need any power connection also. If yes, then how to provide it power.

Any drivers on initial installation tips? Are these cards plug-n-play?

Power supplies to the card depend on the card design. Some cards draw power from the PCIe slot’s +12V and +3.3V supplies. The Startech card that you mentioned has external power sockets to take power in. So, based on the data sheet of the card, I guess you may have to connect power to it from an external SMPS.
PCIe cards are not plug-n-play on Jetson AGX Xavier. You have to turn off the board, connect the device and turn the board on again.

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Thank you for your comment.
It motivated me to buy one PCIe card. For now, accept this answer.
If I face any issue after I get my PCIe card, I will use this post. (I will buy it in ~ 1 month :D )

Hi @vidyas
I am puzzled how the power supply would look like.
I mean in the above startech 4 port PCIe, 2 power options are there LP4 and SATA.
Which one is easier to obtain?
If external power supply is mandatory, how do they look like? Can you please give me any example photo!

I’m not sure which power input is used by the card. I think we should get this information from the card’s datasheet. Generally we use normal PC’s SMPS to provide power to such cards.

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