Extension PCIe on Dev Kit

PCIe-USB380_USB340_Datasheet.pdf (170.8 KB)


The product to inquire is the JETSON AGX XAVIER Developer Kit board, and it is necessary to check the compatibility with the general purpose (GigE, USB3.0 port provided) PCIe card.
(To be used by connecting more than 5 Machine Vision Cameras to the board, additional USB3.0 slot is required)

When inquiring about Neousys (general purpose PCIe card manufacturer) head office, we received an opinion that the PCIe slot of the XAVIER board is a special purpose slot and is not compatible with the general port expansion adapter PCIe card.
In the case of the slot (SLVS-EC), please check if the expansion adapter card cannot be used, and if available, please share the PCI card information that can be suggested.

Thank you.

Xavier’s PCIe slot is a PCIe spec-compliant slot. So, any PCIe spec-compliant device should just work fine. Could you please check with Neousys about why their device doesn’t work with Xavier’s PCIe slot? (My understanding is that Neousys’s card must be deviating from the spec in some aspects… wondering what are they exactly?)