Jetson AGX Xavier - PCIe slots

According to my knowledge there are 5 PCIe slots on the DEVKT x8,x4,x2,2x1 , Can i use all of them at the same time, do they have any shared memory or some kind of controller?

can you guys elaborate on that matter?



You will need to make your own carrier board since devkit has M.2 E/M key slots and eSATA port which occupy those PCIe slots.

Also, There are C0~C5 PCIe controller on Xaiver.

According to the above link the jetson AGX xavier has only 4 slots (14 lanes overall) isn’t supposed to be 16 with 5 slots?

as mentioned above (assuming i will use my own carrier board).

appreciate if you can clarify that issue.

If the PCIe slots are occupied by SATA and M.2 E/M, does in custom carrier board with 5 PCIe slots, all slots

will work together at the same time… if yes please mention if they have some kind of shared memory or anything

else that will not cause any malfunctions with data transfer between PCIe to external device

To be more clarify… The question is:All PCIe slots can work together in RT with an external device like camera and so on?

if yes they probably have a shared memory or any kind of controller?

I need to verify that issue.

What do you mean work together in RT? I think you just need shared memory mechanism,right?

Right, yes… And want to make sure that this option is possible (using all PCIe…controllers at the same time)


I am still waiting for your response

Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can use all the chip’s PCIe ports at the same time. The Jetson Xavier developer kit baseboard doesn’t connect all the chip’s PCIe ports to connectors on the board though.