PCIe USB expansion card for Xavier

I’m about to start a robotics project which will involve plugging numerous USB devices into a Jetson Xavier (three depth cameras, GPS, potentially other things). I was thinking that a PCIe USB expansion card would be a more practical solution than a USB hub. Has anyone else tried using one in a Xavier? Can I just get any card I see, or is there something I would need to look for in terms of compatibility? Thank you.

I’ve tried one but the issue is they all recommend you have a power source, and most of them need to be help in place by something i.e the metal frame that you typically screw into a case. That being said, a USB hub isn’t a bad choice, and I agree that the PCIE hub is better, I wanted that aswell but it’s hard to find anything compatible. What I did was order a 4 port Amazon basics usb hub and connected that to the xavier. It comes with a low voltage power supply that I also stripped and used the connector with a step down chip to have power from my battery power the Jetson and the USB hub.

Do you still need to plug in the card’s power connector if you’re not using any high-power devices?

Here’s the USB 3.0 HC PCI-e x1 line card my son is using on his rover project (about 12 bucks on EBay).
The USB HC chip is Renesas Technology Corp. uPD720201 (former NEC). It’s powered via 12V UBEC (Not sure if it can take 19V, and we didn’t try). The card itself has 4 separate 2A buck converters to go from 12V down to 5V, one per port.


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What riser card / cable are you using?

I don’t remember the make/model of it, but try to search the forum for my older posts (there shouldn’t be many of them) and you should find it… I believe I have posted about it awhile ago.


@albertr I looked through a lot of your posts (you have more than 300!) - but I am unable to find it. Would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

I found it, here’s is the direct link:



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