4 port PCIe Ethernet Card

I need to have 4 GigE ports on Xavier. Can any one recommend any card that works well with Xavier. Also I would appreciate it if someone can help me in knowing where to connect it.

Thank you


I cannot guarantee any devices here. Better letting other forum users to recommend.

If you hit any problem in driver, please let us know.


Hi WayneWWW,
I am not looking for guarantee. I just want to know if any has been tried.
Thank you

Could someone help? I need to connect 4 GigE cameras to Xavier.

Has anyone tried any Quad Port PCIe NIC on any Jetson?

The only suggestion I can give is that the Realtek chipsets are well supported in Linux in general, and some RTL drivers are enabled by default. I’d try to find one with that chipset and go from there.