Is it possible to add a 3090 to AGX jetson xavier?

I want to increse the computing power of my AGX with a 3090 but Im not sure if it is possible.

On the hardware side the 3090 will probably fit in the Xavier PCI slot but you need software drivers which are not available to my knowledge.

Better watch out for Orin-platform which will be successor to the Xavier line and most likely feature Ampere GPU architecture: Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer

Nvidia has these drivers for 3090:

It has 2 for Linux, none is useful?

The problem is that the GPU of a Jetson is integrated directly with the memory controller and is not PCI. The supplied drivers won’t work with a PCI slot GPU. The drivers for PCI slot tend to either be for desktop PC architecture, or else for data warehouse hardware not compatible with a Jetson. Lots of people have asked for PCI based Jetson GPU drivers, so maybe one day, but so far as I know this does not exist at this time.

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