What card can I insert on jetson Xavier pcie?

What card can I insert on jetson Xavier pcie?
Is 2080ti or AMD graphics card ok?


Probably none of those at this time. Basically, the driver has to be for the arm64/aarch64 architecture, and most published drives are for PCs. The driver for the NVIDIA GPU on Xavier is itself for the integrated GPU which is wired directly to the memory controller (and the published drivers are for PCI cards). Who knows, perhaps in the future there will be arm64/aarch64 support for desktop GPUs.


And now what can pcie connect to?


Any PCIe card with a driver can work in the PCIe slot. The trouble with graphics cards is that very few have the arm64/aarch64 architecture driver available. For example, some people use it for USB add-on cards, network cards, SATA controllers, so on. You’re out of luck though for graphics.

Can I transfer SSD to pcie and use it

By the way, I installed SSD for jetson Xavier can I boot from my SSD without default internal storage (32GB)?

Do you know of any?
Nvidia writes that support for NVIDIA GPUs will be added in ‚a future release‘. Since a year, however, no news on what future release they are talking about has been given. :-(

I have never heard any details on when or if an actual desktop PC style video card support will be added. I’ve only heard that it is being considered.

You can run an SSD on a PCIe SATA adapter or an SSD which works natively on PCIe. However, I don’t know if booting from this is possible. The reason is that both PCI and SATA drivers would need to exist in the bootloader stages, and currently that is not U-Boot, but instead CBoot. I don’t know if CBoot supports PCI or SATA (Linux has no issue with this, the trick is when you want to use this prior to Linux loading). Someone else will probably know the current state of using an SSD to boot from over a PCIe expansion.

Among other communications from NVIDIA, it says so in the Jetson Xavier FAQ:

Can NVIDIA GPUs be used with the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit?
The current JetPack release does not support this; support will be added in a future release.

That‘s why I am waiting for the support. :-)