GTX graphics card on Jetson Xavier ?

For our microscopy application we need quite a bit more GPU performance than is provided by the Xaviers Volta GPU.
Therefore I’d like to install a standard graphics card (e.g. GTX 1050Ti) on the PCIe of the Jetson Xavier.
There is already a topic about installing GPU graphics cards on the Jetson AGX Xaviers PCIe:
Can Jetson Xavier run with Quadro GP100?

In essence it says that using an external graphics card via PCIe on the Jetson Xavier requires an AMD64 driver, which isn’t available yet, however, “support for dGPU with Jetson AGX Xavier will be enabled in a future sw update”.

Since this topic is almost a year old, is there any news or a roadmap for providing AMD64 driver support for GTX (or RTX) graphics cards?

Of course it should be ARM64 driver and ARM64 support

I’ve heard talk of maybe supporting desktop GPU drivers on the Jetson, but so far as I know, this has not actually happened. As you probably already know, the driver for the Jetson’s iGPU is not PCIe, and so won’t work with PCIe cards.

I am also interested in any news on the external GPU support (i.e., arm64 drivers for GTX cards).

Hi all, this is still a work in progress as it entails a large overhaul to the L4T GPU driver infrastructure (which exists today in userspace for the Jetson’s integrated GPU as opposed to PCIe kernel driver for discrete GPU). Sorry there is no news for now.

Thanks for the feedback!

Is there any update on this topic? I ask in light of watching the Clara AGX talks at GTC last month.

I got quite excited and took a few notes, here’s one in particular that struck a chord with me in regards to Xavier, full PCIe cards and a potential interface (sorry for my rough diagram, I was trying to listen and jot down notes):

I didn’t get my question answered, so I’m still unsure if the RTX6000 is interfacing through the Xavier PCIe or if it’s some other solution. But a little more insight would be awesome if it can be shared.

For those interested there is a little bit of information here - it’s still in beta so info is light.

Hi @miles.benton84, for questions about CLARA AGX you may want to post in the CLARA forums:

There isn’t a clear timeline to share for general support of discrete GPU in the Jetson AGX Xavier over PCIe, sorry about that.

Thanks for the response @dusty_nv. I’ll try and post something over on those boards, although they don’t seem at all hardware related from what I can see on a cursory search of topics. Plus they’re not super active. :-)