Possible to connect pcie video card?

A freinds asked if its possible to drive an RTX2060 with the pcie slot on the bottom of the Xavier NX for a special application under ubuntu ?? Thoughts?

No. The reason why is that the driver for the integrated GPU requires the GPU be directly connected to the memory controller. This driver won’t work for a PCI GPU. The available PCI GPU drivers are not for the arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a architecture, which is what the Jetson has. I’ve heard talk that people are interested in the arm64 GPU version of PCI drivers, but I have no idea if or when that might actually be implemented.

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so these drivers from nvidia for aarch64 wount cut it ? what “driver” specifically is needed?

I only found out about those a few minutes ago :P

That driver might work, but only if you can correctly power the PCIe video card, e.g., with a custom carrier capable of providing the 75 watts to that slot. Even then I don’t know if this will actually work. You would have to try it to find out.

It would be quite interesting if these do work…it would be “new”.