Conflicting info found in topic: 154659 and nvidia aarch64 desktop driver readme

The marked solution states that:


Sep 22 '20

The Jetson GPU driver infrastructure currently supports integrated GPU and not discrete GPU over PCIe. Those ARM drivers that you were trying to install are for ARM-based servers, and not Jetson.

However, this is in direct conflict with the readme found in the aarch64 nvidia desktop drivers which state:

The NVIDIA aarch64 driver supports any supported discrete NVIDIA GPU connected
to one of the following processors:
o NVIDIA Tegra K1 (64-bit version)
o NVIDIA Tegra X1 or later
o AppliedMicro X-Gene
o Cavium ThunderX

latest driver readme linked here: Chapter 2. Minimum Requirements

This does not include the Xavier NX, but it DOES include the TX1, and TK1.
Could we get a confirmation from a nvidia dev as to the validity of dusty_nv’s statement? It seems to me that the aaarch64 drivers found on the nvidia website are indeed for BOTH nvidia jetson (at least TX1 and K1 64bit devkits) and ARM64 servers.

Realize that there are non-Jetson Tegra K1 and Tegra X1 devices, e.g., tablets. The reason those can support discrete GPUs is because they have the hardware set up to do so. Dusty will have to answer, but keep in mind there might be a different answer for a “Jetson” using a given Tegra chipset, versus a non-Jetson using that chipset.

Hi @theofficialgman, thanks for flagging this - we are looking into those docs and if they require updates, however suffice it to say that those PCIe drivers and discrete GPU aren’t supported on Jetson devices running JetPack-L4T.

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