Linux aarch64 display driver version 455.45.01

Good day.
I have a question.
I’m trying to run this driver on a jetson tx2. The compilation went well. When loading modules, I get an error message:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘nvidia’: No such device

This driver can be used directly on the jetson tx2. Or it’s just for the pci interface and I’m trying an impossible thing.

Thank you.

The kernel you mention is for an external (PCI) GPU on a PC. The integrated GPU of the Jetsons are all directly wired to the memory controller. You cannot use any driver other than the one which comes from JetPack/SDKM/L4T. Integrated drivers cannot be found through PCI queries since they are not connected to PCI. If you’ve installed this, then I’ll recommend flashing again.

Something you did not mention is what your purpose was in wanting this driver. Perhaps it is something with a solution, but without knowing what was going on it can’t be answered.

Thank you for answer.
So that’s as I expected.
When I use an external card via the pci interface on jetson tx2, I will be independent of the kernel from l4t and I can use the kernel from the latest stable version.
I’ll fix a few things and go test it.

Thank you and good health.

You will probably have problems with using an external GPU. I say this because the aarch64 versions of those discrete GPUs is for data warehouse equipment and is unlikely to work correctly on a Jetson. I am unsure if such dGPU drivers would perhaps interfere with the iGPU as well.

What’s the difference?
According to the README in the driver, the GT 710 model is on the list of supported cards. Should it work ???
I don’t know what VDPAU features D means.

You can ignore the VDPAU unless you have some application for video decode needing it.

The problem is that there are many differences inside a Jetson versus the warehouse hardware even when both are aarch64. I couldn’t tell you from actual experience, I can only tell you because others have tried it. There have been people asking NVIDIA if those other drivers could be set up to run on Jetsons. Don’t know the result of that, but I get the feeling that (not near future) this might eventually happen, but has not yet been decided. You could request here to have those drivers ported to Jetsons, perhaps it would help.

Am I correct?
So if it works then I can’t use it for some legal reasons.

If it works everyone will be happy. It’s just that so far none of the PCIe discrete GPU drivers have been completed to a degree they work on Jetsons with external video cards. If it does work, then you should report it…many people would like to see that work. No legal problems, just a technical problem.