Some question about TX2


I’m a graduate in National Chung Hsing University.
My thesis is embed in Jetson TX2.
Therefore my professor ask me about how is the system constructed in TX2.
Besides that how is the kernel driver porting?
Can you help me to answer these question?
Thank you sooooo much.

Hi g106064045,

Please find the Jetson TX2 related documents from

Regarding the kernel driver porting, you can study the NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide

You could probably ask some more specific questions, but keep in mind the Linux kernel itself is fairly standard and most of what you might find about Linux still applies to a Jetson. A desktop PC has a BIOS/UEFI, but embedded systems do not, thus the biggest difference I can think of is that embedded systems do a lot more work in software before reaching the point in boot where the Linux kernel takes over. If you ignore stages prior to bootloader, then almost everything is the same as a PC (other than a different CPU architecture).

One part of the hardware which is quite different from a desktop PC is that the GPU is not using a PCI/PCIe slot. The GPU is directly integrated with the memory controller. This means that any code used to manage or query the GPU over PCI won’t work on a Jetson.