ADC interface to PCIe


I’m new to the Jetson platform.

Could you tell me whether it is possible to interface an ADC directly to the PCIe port on the TX2 to stream data for processing as fast as possible?

If you have a PCIe ADC card, and if that card uses a driver already in the Linux kernel, then probably it would work. If the card has a Linux driver published in source code format, but not standard in the kernel, then probably it would also work (but this would require no architecture-dependent code since the environment is arm64). If the card has a binary only driver, then it will not work unless the driver is arm64 for this kernel version. I have never looked for such a card, but I imagine with all kinds of lab and commercial uses for that PCIe cards of that type probably exist.

Thanks for your reply linuxdev.

Is there any other way to interface an ADC to the Jetson? I’m assuming some sort of adapter or FPGA card that is able to interface is required to use the PCIe port.

There are all kinds of PCIe ADC cards out there, but I have no idea which of them might work from a Jetson. If you find one which other users have found as compatible with a desktop PC Linux install, and where that install did not require binary format drivers from the manufacturer, then odds are quite good it will work for you. Still, no guarantee.

So far as FPGAs go, you will also have to ask other people. I know lots of people use various FPGAs, but sometimes setup includes custom driver tweaking (which would be far more work than an already existing PCIe data capture type card).