Can Orin devkit access external dGPU like Clara does?

This question was asked many times:
Is it possible to use the AGX Orin PCI slot to connect a full-blown GPU?
AGX Orin DEV Kit - PCIe Nvidia RTX 3090ti
Extended Graphics card for AGX ORIN
External graphics card on Xavier AGX
and the answer was always that
“discrete GPU aren’t supported on Jetson devices running JetPack-L4T”
But Clara does support RTX6000. How does it do that?
Doesn’t Clara also runs JetPack-L4T?
Is there a special RTX6000 driver installed on Clara?
Can this driver be ported to Orin or Devkit?

We cannot use Clara as-is because we need MIPI camera connectors.
We cannot use Orin Devkit as-is because we need 3 displays.
Is there some other off-the-shelf solution with Jetson, 2 MIPI cameras and 3 displays?

Thank you

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Sorry to tell the dGPU is not supported on Jetson platform.

But Clara supports RTX6000 dGPU and display ports.
Are you saying that Clara does not run Jetson, but something else?
What system does Clara runs and how can I run it on Orin?

Jetson platform are built by a SoM + carrier board, but Clara is designed and built from SoC, they’re different platform.

Jetson is an SOM. Devkit is SOM + carrier board. “Jetson Platform” is a Software Stack.
(according to Embedded Systems Developer Kits & Modules from NVIDIA Jetson )
So, when you wrote that “dGPU is not supported on Jetson platform”, did you mean that Jetson Software Stack does not support dGPU?
Or only Orin devkit?

We must understand this distiction precisely because we will be designing our own carrier board with Orin SOM
and we must not make a mistake of designing something, which will not work.

And we need to de-risk our design by validating some key features using Devkits or some other off-the-shelf parts.

So, please, exlain what exactly prevents orin Devkit from talking to dGPU?
Is it Jetson Platform software? or some important electronics is missing from the carrier board? or what?

In other words, what Clara has, which devkit has not?
Is there some extra electronics or some extra driver?

Thank you

The Jetson is a product line/platform, there are many SoM, such as AGX Orin, AGX Xavier and Nano module…etc, all different modules need to have their own carrier boards to get them working.

In general, Jetson and Clara are 2 different platform, no matter on board electronics design and SW stack/SDKs support.
I don’t think I can provide the details of why it’s not supported on Jetson, but workable with Clara.

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