How to use module board in a x86 PC?

I bought an Jetson Orin NX 16GB Module (not development board, just module with 260 Pin SODIMM interface)

What should I do if I want to plug this module into a x86 PC? The desktop I have don’t have 260 Pin SODIMM interface, should I buy an adapter?

There are some instructions here:

where it says:

To use PCIe endpoint support, you need the following hardware:

A Jetson Xavier NX or AGX Xavier and AGX Orin series device, which is running Jetson Linux, to act as the PCIe endpoint.

Another computer system to act as the PCIe root port.

These instructions assume that you are using a second Jetson Xavier NX or AGX Xavier or AGX Orin series device that is running Jetson Linux, but you can use any standard x86-64 PC that is running Linux.

Cables to connect the two devices.

what cables it looks like to be “Cables to connect the two devices.”?

The module is not able to work on x86 PC, it must plug on the carrier board to let it connect with external device.
The Orin series device here is the Orin module + carrier board, ex Orin devkit, or Orin NX module + supported carrier board.

Incidentally, there is a very different “evolution” of Jetsons, used for health care products, the Clara. This is a PCIe device.

I found a carrier board in this link :

Is this the carrier board you mentioned? If we have this carrier board, how can we interface with x86 PC? Through PCIE or ethernet?

Thanks! However, I didn’t find any link to purchase Clara, is it open for purchasing?

Yes, this is the carrier board from our ecosystem partner, and should work with Orin NX module.
May I know what’s your use case for having Orin NX device to connect with x86 PC as endpoint device?

I want to have Orin devices communicate with FPGA board. The easiest way I can think about it is to build a system like FPGA<— PCIE–> CPU(x86 PC) ← PCIE —> GPU (Orin), but it looks like it is hard for Orin to talk to x86 PC through PCIE. Do you have any suggestions? I am looking for the easiest way

Orin has PCIe. It just depends on the carrier board (with a device tree to tell the Orin where to find PCIe). The AGX Orin dev kit comes with a PCIe slot (the end cap on the case is magnetic, and you can pull it off and reveal PCIe).

Incidentally, if you use PCIe for an FPGA to Jetson, typically hot plug is disabled on the Jetson such that anything not detected during boot results in power savings. Sometimes an FPGA boots slowly, and if the FPGA is turned on at the same time as the Jetson, then it might not be detected on time; in that case you would disable the power saving feature so the PCIe is always on.

I don’t know if Clara has its own PCIe. If it does, then it would be the same thing, plug the FPGA into the Clara, make sure the Clara is not set for PCIe power savings, and it would work.

I don’t know if there are any third party carrier boards for Orin NX which have a PCIe slot, but there might be.

Thanks! that’s make a lot of sense

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