NVIDIA Jetson ORIN Dev as a EP failed to detect on x86 machine

Testing ORIN Dev Kit as EP inserted on x86 machine but its failed to get detected.

Hw -
1] EP - NVIDIA Orin Dev Kit (64GB) End Point
2] RP - Dell-Inspiron-3030-Desktop - Running Linux Ubuntu 22.04 with 6.5 kernel

Build details -
Using Jetson™ Linux version 36.3 GA. release (Latest)

Driver details -

modprobe pci-epf-dma-test (driver getting correctly loaded, confirm using lsmod)
cd /sys/kernel/config/pci_ep/
mkdir functions/tegra_pcie_dma_epf/func1
echo 0x10de > functions/tegra_pcie_dma_epf/func1/vendorid
echo 0x229a > functions/tegra_pcie_dma_epf/func1/deviceid
echo 16 > functions/tegra_pcie_dma_epf/func1/msi_interrupts
ln -s functions/tegra_pcie_dma_epf/func1 controllers/141a0000.pcie-ep/
echo 1 > controllers/141a0000.pcie-ep/start

Steps followed -

Confirm ODMDATA written properly by reading device tree entry in system.
Ran few times rescan command. Tested with couple of PCIe extended cables from different vendors including ADT.

Issue - on x86 It failed to detect EP. lspci didnt show anything, neigher dmesg.

Anything that missing here or any pointers which can help to debug this issue further would be helpful.


Sorry that do you ahve Orin 32GB devkit to test? I just wonder if this is due to some device tree missing for Orin 64GB device.

Thank you, no I dont have 32GB to test, all I have is one Orin 64GB Platform.
If you can share some details I can try to figure out and attempt it.

We have confirmed the Orin PCIe C5 Endpoint point is working fine on rel-36.3 with Orin to Orin.

Do you have any dmesg from your Orin to share here?

Please find attached logs.

Also on device odmdata details -
dmesg_orin_64_devkit-log-1.txt (62.6 KB)

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/chosen/odm-data/

gbe0-enable-10g hsio-uphy-config-0 name
gbe-uphy-config-22 hsstp-lane-map-3 nvhs-uphy-config-1

Thank you.

Just some clarification. The driver here is not supported for x86 machine but only Jetson to Jetson.

Currently there is no plan for supporting x86 either.

Thank You Wayne for your reply.

#Please correct me if wrong below 3 queries -

Q1] ORIN Dev Kit configure as a PCIe EP wont detect/work on x86(Linux Ubuntu) which is act as RP & it will only WORK with ORIN Dev Kit configure as RP, is that correct to say here ?

Q2] There isnt any driver running on x86(RP), but lspci is NOT detecting EP.
So do we need driver just to detect ORIN as a EP is what you are saying ?

Q3] Driver in use with 36.3 Linux_for_Tegra/source/nvidia-oot/drivers/misc/tegra-pcie-dma-test.c , so none of releases supports x86 as a RP right ?


  1. I think the detection of lspci is kind of hardware related problem. This does not need software.

  2. Yes, tegra-pcie-dma-test.c does not support on x86 RP.

Thank you for provide insights.