Does Orin NX Endpoint mode support pcie hot-plugin?

Hi Nividia,

I’m using Orin NX Endpoint mode and work fine.
In our case, we connect the x86 host to Orin NX EP to be a system.
The host can detect the EP mode Orin NX and get the data.

We know the normal case is the Orin NX set to EP mode before the Host device boot up.
But in our case, the x86 host and Orin NX are in the all-in-1 system machine. The x86 host will boot up before Orin NX.
The x86 host will not detect the Orin NX because it is not the EP mode.

We want : x86 host boot up → Orin NX boot and set to EP mode → x86 host rescan and detect Orin NX.
But the x86 host can’t detect the Orin NX if the x86 host boot up before the Orin NX.
We try rescan the pcie but still can’t detect the Orin NX.

We test the M.2 PCIE SSD. It can be detected after x86 host boot up and rescan pcie.
Does Orin NX Endpoint mode support pcie hot-plugin?

我們正在使用x86 host和Orin NX EP接在一起作為一整個系統。
x86 host 可以正常抓到EP mode Orin NX並正常取得資料。

我們知道正常的對接流程,是Orin NX開啟EP mode後,再開啟RP機器。
但在我們的case中,由於兩者是一個整體的機器,所以兩者會同時上電開機,或是x86 host會優先於Orin開機。
但這時候Orin NX還來不及設定成EP mode,這導致x86 RP抓不到Orin NX。

我們希望的流程是:x86開機 → Orin NX開機後變成EP → x86重新抓到Orin NX。
我們嘗試過x86 rescan pcie,但看起來似乎一樣抓不到Orin NX。

我們也有測試過,在開機後再插上一般的M.2 PCIE SSD,此時x86 Host rescan pcie是可以抓到SSD的,
請問Orin NX EP mode有支援pcie hot-plugin嗎?
或是有任何辦法可以讓x86重新抓到Orin EP嗎?

Sorry for the late response.
Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

Hi Kay,

It still need to support.
Do you have any idea about this situation?

Hi, Orin IOs should not be powered on after host as that will affect the pin status of Orin. If you have to do that, the below isolation circuitry is required on the PCIe control signals when Orin module is configured as Endpoint.

Hi Trumany,

We already have this circuitry in our device. But it still can’t detect ep mode Orin after rescan pcie.

Hi Wilson,

Will it work if you

echo 0 > controllers/141xxxxx.pcie_ep/start

and then

echo 1 > controllers/141xxxxx.pcie_ep/start

Hi Wayne,

It looks like same issue.


  1. x86 host boot up.
  2. Orin boot up and be EP mode.
  3. echo 0/1 > controllers/14160000.pcie_ep/start
  4. x86 host echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan

It still can’t detect ep mode Orin.

Please confirm you are using PCIE0 for EP since other PCIE ports are RP only.

Hi Trumany

I check the dmesg , just 14160000.pcie_ep is EP.

Hi Wilson,

We tested the rescan on x2 NV devkit (one RP and one EP) and it can get detected.

Hi Wayne,

Could you tell me the detail step of your test?
I use x2 NV and still can’t get detected.