Orin NX cant start with custom Xavier NX carrier

We try to take initilazed Orin NX and work with our Xavier NX carrier

  1. we have validate the pin compatability
  2. we use PCIe1 x1 for the NVME
    when providing power it ramps the power including to the USBs, HDMI etc. however it stops befor it is displaying anything on the HDMI screen or accessing the mouse/Key board.

What can cause it?

Hi, do you have any log info when this happen? You may need to compare your custom carrier board design to reference schematic , and also refer to Orn NX deisign guide to check if any violation b/w yours and guide.

After the hardware power up before accessing the screen, KB or mouse the system stops so we have no logs or any indicator.
The Xavier do work good in this carrier board. We compared according to “Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series, and Jetson Xavier NX Series Interface Comparison & Migration Application Not” Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer and could not find anything that we did not in compince to it.

Hi, the PCIe1 on Orin NX does not support external storage as you can see in DS:

The PCIe difference between Xavier NX and Orin NX is as below:

Thanks Trumany, we will try it

I will recommend to add the storage limitation also in the “Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series, and Jetson Xavier NX Series Interface Comparison and Migration”

After moving the OS from NVME to USB3 (port 0):
The Orin boots on the Orin Nano and the Xavier NX dev kits.
On our system the Xavier NX SoM sees the USB3 disk.
The Orin NX is stuck before accesing the boot disk or the KB, mouse or the display.
So what else can be diferant between the Xavier NX and the Orin NX (maybe it is not listed in the Interface Comparison & Migration Application Note)

It looks like your custom board design issue since Orin NX can boot on devkit. You should check your design based on devkit carrier board P3768_A04 schematic in DLC. https://developer.nvidia.com/downloads/assets/embedded/secure/jetson/orin_nano/docs/jetson_orin_nano_devkit_carrier_board_reference_design_files_a04_20230320.zip/

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