Orin NX carrier board compatibility with Xavier NX devkit

Hi I would like to confirm with you guys if the Orin NX 16GB production would work in the Xavier NX devkit carrier boards and its clones like :
Seeedstudio J202


I tried flashing from SDK manager using an NVMe drive JP5.1.1 and everything seems fine, but when we contacted Seeedstudio they say they are not supported so before ordering we want to make sure.

I’ve been browsing in the forums and there seems to be a discrepancy.
Against using Xavier devkit

No problems using devkit

Could you please provide further info on this issue and if its not compatible do you guys know any carrier board that we can get that is similar to the devkit?

Many thanks in advance

@AGVV_TII we now have Orin Nano Developer Kit and you can use Orin NX with Orin Nano developer kit and it is fully supported in JetPack 5.1.1 and from SDK Manager as well.
We would not recommend using Orin NX on Xavier NX carrier board because it is not fully pin compatible, so only I/O’s that overlap will work on Xavier NX carrier board.
Hope this explains.

Hi @suhash,

thanks for the quick response. Do you know which I/Os overlap, what functionality will we miss? So far it seems working, do we carry the risk of over heating or under powering the unit?


@AGVV_TII I’m not sure if you resolved this, but you can see where the functionality diverges by using Nvidia’s Migration Guide document. (Search “Migration Application Note” in Jetson Download Center.)

I’m curious about carrier board compatibility this as well, @suhash

I’ve been following along Nvidia’s Migration Guide document for Orin NX and Xavier NX. I’m using the pinmux spreadsheet with the goal of using an Orin NX on Xavier NX carrier board. For the I/O that overlap, I imagine nothing needs to be changed in the pinmux. For the I/O that don’t overlap, are we to change the ‘customer usage’ entry of all those pins to the ‘unused’ option in the pinmux dropdown?

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