How to purchase the Jetson Orin NX devKit

Hello all,

I’ve seen that the Jetson Orin NX devKit is not available, i’ve seen in forums that the only solution to use it as a devKit is to buy the module Orin NX and a jetson Orin Nano, and replacing the module Orin Nano by Orin NX in the Jetson Orin nano Carrier board, is this the only solution ?

Also i have seen that the SDKManager offers only the possibility to flash the Orin NX modules, it didn’t suggest the Orinx NX DevKit, can you please give more informations according to this ?

Can you also tell if the Orin NX devKit will be released or not ?


We have been using these devkits for the orin nx, altough they are only labeled as xavier nx

You can flash them w/ the xavier nx devkits device tree. The basic functions all work, pcie, nvme, usb, ethernet, etc…

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Hi @akhil.veeraghanta

Thank you for your answer, if i truly understand, there is not Orin NX devKit, so i have to purchase the Orin NX module with the carrier board you have suggested, and it will work as a devkit right ?

Did you tried to add custom drivers ? I mean i want to download nvidia kernel sources and add custom driver but i am a fraid that it will not in fact that it’s not an official devKit.

Thank you a lot


I also found a carrier board for Orin NX module from your link, we’re gonna test it…


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