GMSL2 cameras compatible with Jetson Orin NX

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I was looking for GMSL2 cameras that are compatible with Jetson Orin NX in Jetson Partner Supported Cameras | NVIDIA Developer, i found that there is this FSM cameras as the following

But when i looked into their technical description, it seems that this cameras are MIPI CSI 2 cameras and not GMSL2 cameras, can you please confirm that ?

Also can you provide a list of supported GMSL2 cameras with Jetson NX Orin/Xavier devKit, i’m looking for the full setup

Jetson NX Orin ==> MIPI CSI 2 ==> Deserializer board ==> GMSL2 ==> Camera module

Also can you please tell if the Jetson Orin NX devKit is released or not yet ? Is it possible to exchange the Orin nano module with Orin NX devKit ? If yes, is it recommanded ?

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  1. The GMSL is using for extended the length also call MIPI CSI interface cameras. Suppose the list both are GMSL MIPI cameras.

  2. NX and Nano have performance and memory different. For using which one depend on your use case for performance and memory usage.

Hi @ShaneCCC,

Thank you for your feed back

  1. I agree with GMSL2 camera can go for ~15m of lenght, but the purpose of this opened topic is to tell that this FSM cameras modules are only MIPI CSI2 cameras (They only provides MIPI CSI 2 interface and no GMSL2), so, i think it will be nice to correct this information in the Jetson supported cameras page by moving FSM cameras modules from GMSL2 to MIPI CSI 2 section

  2. For the second point, i am just looking for using an NX Orin devKit, but i didn’t find a vendor that sells an official NX Orin devKit, can you tell how can i get the devKit ? Because i see in some topics that there is no Orin NX devKit…


There is no Orin NX devkit, however we have Orin Nano devkit.
Both of the Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Orin NX modules are supported by the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit carrier board.

Hi @kayccc

I only need to use the NX Orin devKit, do you think i can buy the module and use it with the carrier board of the linkx below :

Do you know, if it’s compatible with the Orin NX module and if we can flash the it as a devKit with the SDKManager ?

Also is it possible to add custom drivers using the Orin NX module with the carrier board of the link above ?


You need to check with vendor first, we don’t know how they designed the carrier board, also refer to their instruction to know how to reflash their custom BSP via SDK manager.

Okay, i understand, so in the case where we buy an orin nano devkit and replace the module with Orin NX module, it will not be a problem to use SDK Manager and Linux_For_Tegra official sources right @kayccc ?


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