Lifecycle of the 900-13636-0010-000 Nvidia Jetson TX2 NX

Is the 900-13636-0010-000 Nvidia Jetson TX2 NX suggested for new developments/ What is the current lifecycle, and will this be extended as happened in the past?

Look here

You should not use TX2 NX for new products. TX2 NX will be EOL by 2026, and it will never get Jetpack 5 or 6.

If you start new than choose Orin Nano or Orin NX These are guaranteed to be available up to 2030, and they have many new usesful features.

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Thank fchkjwlsq for providing the information.

Our development is mainly focused around a smart camera, possibly with multiple sensors. The TX2 NX has up to 5 cameras CS interface, whilst the Orin has only up to 4 cameras CSI, and encoding is limited for both to only 4K60, which is our main requirement. What features give the Orin an edge over the TX2 NX in this case. apart form the higher TOPS rating?

Also the TX2 NX has lower power requirements (7.5W to 15W), compared to the Orin NX (15-40W)

TX2 series use Jetpack 4 release and the latest version is
JetPack SDK 4.6.4 | NVIDIA Developer

It is based on Kernel 4.9, and includes TensorRT 8.2.1, CUDA 10.2, … There is no further Jetpack 4 release. Please note this and see if you can develop your use-case on fixed versions of the software stacks.

Will jetpack4, updates continue, especially in terms of security updates, beyond 2023?

Orin Nano has lower power requirements and lower computing power.


Jetpack 4 is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu 18.04 has reached End of Maintenance on 31-May-2023. With Orin Nano and NX you will get Jetpack 6, which is based on Ubuntu 22.04, which will receive upstream support until 2027.


Could you advice which is the development kit for the Jetson Orin NX?

There is no Devkit for Orin NX. There is a Devkit for Orin Nano 8G: 945-13766-0005-000. You can also use any other Orin Nano (4G) and Orin NX (8G/16G) module on this Devkit.



Orin NX can be used with both Xavier NX Developer Kit (with HDMI output) and Orin Nano Developer Kit (with DP output).

What are them main differences between the two developer kits apart from the monitor output. We are mainly focused on a smart camera development so for us the most critical aspect is the presence of CSI interface!

With Orin Series there were some changes in pin function: 2 CSI less, 1 HDMI/DP less, no SDIO, but 1 or 2 more PCIe and 2 more USB3. Orin Devkit reflects this. Also note that the Orin production modules don’t have EMMC any more, you need an external NVME SSD. The module supplied with devkits still have uSD slots.

CSI: Orin Devkit has two 22pin 4 lane ports. Nano Devkit has one 15 pin 2 lane CSI port in Rev A02 and two in Rev B01.

TL;DR: If you already have a Nano or Xavier NX Devkit, you may use the carrier with Orin Nano or NX. But if you need to buy one always go with the Orin Nano DevKit. I guess you even can’t buy Xavier NX or Nano Devkits any more new. And if you want to use the second two lane M.2 slot for a boot SSD you need 2230 form factor.

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