Original Nvidia board for Orin NX


Got some libraries that are only compatible with Nvidia boards.

I was looking to buy a new Jetson Orin NX since the one I got is incompatible with some GPIO pins.

I was looking both online and on the Nvidia shop site, and I see no official board for Orin NX. Is there a mistake, or if I want to run some GPIO libraries, I will need to choose a Jetson nano or AGX board?

There is no Orin NX devkit, customer can purchase the system from ecosystem partner or using Orin Nano devkit.
The Orin Nano devkit carrier board is compatible with Orin NX module.

Is it possible to buy an Orin nano devkit board alone?

Hey @patrickvibild you can find the official Nvidia Jetson Orin NX Developer Kit on the Nvidia website.

Please check Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer

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