Which carrier board should I use for Orion NX module

I want to setup a development platform with the new Jetson Orion NX, which carrier board should I use?

You should file the topic in correct forum first.

Yes. I just moved the topic to Jetson Orin NX.

Are you asking about custom board from vendor or NV devkit option?

Yes, I prefer to using a NV devkit board, though a customer board from third party/NV partner is also acceptable. Thanks.

In addition, I see the Orin Nano has a devkit from NV. Does Orin NX has such a devkit from NV as well? Or should I buy the Orin NX module and a carrier board to put hem together as a devkit? Thanks.

Yes, you can put the orin nano devkit carrier board with orin nx module.

You can also use orin nx module with xavier nx devkit.

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