The carrier boards with the dev kits vs other carrier boards....what's the difference?

I’m quite new to Jetson. On my search for a carrier board with 2 x M.2 (one for SSD, one for a capture card) I basically came across two possibilities.

One is made by Forecr, they have a couple of models suitable and I have one and it works great. That’s the DSBOARD-ORNX by the way.

But I can also see there is a carrier board that comes with the Orin Nano Dev Kit which also suits Orin NX (which I rely on, for its hardware encoding). This also has 2 x M.2 slots. Plus, there is also what seems to be an identical board that you can buy on its own from Waveshare (is it identical? I have looked at the STEP file for the NVIDIA one, and compared to a screenshot of the Waveshare one and it looks at the very least incredibly similar).

Are dev kit boards inferior, likely to burn out or whatever more quickly than ones that are sold for general purpose?

NV devkit is more like a reference board that other vendors may use it as template to make their own board.

There are also some flexibilities in the I/O that other vendors may enable them on their board but those things do not exist on devkit.

You can buy any kind of boards to meet your requirement. But please be aware that the NV moderators here and NV software can only support the NV devkit. We don’t guarantee you can use sdkmanager to flash those custom boards from other vendors.

Also, we don’t guarantee the interface running on custom boards. For example, maybe some usb ports functionalities on custom boards are not stable. For such case, you need to report the issue to the vendor but not ask them here because we don’t know the actual design of such carrier boards.

Ok, thanks, what I’m asking really is would the NVIDIA dev kit carrier board, when paired with a production-quality module, be suitable for proper use in the field, 24/7 etc.

Or are the dev kit carrier boards somehow lower quality in terms of the components used.

I am not sure what is your purpose here.

If you want to make your product, then generally the users/vendors would buy the module only and make their own carrier boards.

The modules on devkit or such custom board are same. There is no such thing that because you are using devkit then your module quality is poor.

Ok thanks for clarifying there is no such thing as a separate development vs production module, I must have misread elsewhere.

My purpose is to set up 4 or 5 devices for private use, i.e. this not a commercial product. But they do need to be reliable.

I am asking if one could get good reliability if I used development carrier boards for this, rather than a carrier board made by another company, i.e. are the components on the development carrier board (I’m not talking about the module) likely to be inferior to those on a carrier board that some company has made either for a specific production use case or selling generically for others to use for their production use cases.

For Orin NX, there is no such module difference.

For Orin AGX, the module from devkit and production has difference. But they are not quality difference… the cores and frequencies that running on those two modules are difference.

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