NVMe not detected on custom carrier board


I modified a custom carrier design that was working with a Xavier to expose some different periferals and make it better compatible with the Orin SOM.
I am now trying to get my new carrier to work, however Orin doesn’t detect the NVMe drive on the PCIe0 lanes. When I switch back to the old carrier the drive is detected.
Attached is a UART log trying to flash the Orin.
How can I further debug my carrier board? I have triple checked connectivity, power and everything is normal.
231108-desktop-flash-log.txt (252.9 KB)
231108-uart-flash-log.txt (91.6 KB)

Try to flash your orin nx from a usb drive first and then we can check pcie detection later.

Also, you should share your board schematic.

What does that mean “When I switch back to the old carrier the drive is detected.”? Are you talking about Orin or Xavier?

Hi Wayne,
thanks for your reply.

1- I can’t do this very easily cause I only have one USB 3.0 exposed and it’s routed to a hub IC that needs some I2C commands to startup. I might be able to remove the IC and bridge the connections to try to flash via USB.

2- I will attach snippets of the schematic for M.2 connection and SODIMM side.

3- I have 2 custom carrier boards:
- ‘the old one’ designed for Xavier but compatible with Orin too, which works fine with both modules.
- ‘the new one’ designed for Orin and not compatible with Xavier, currently not working as NVMe is not detected.
Since ‘the old one’ is compatible with both modules, I tried to plug in the Orin module on the old carrier to check functionality and PCIe0 is detected correctly. Schematic and routing for PCIe0 has not changed from old carrier to new carrier.


Since only carrier board is different and software are same. This could be hardware issue.

Please review the hardware design.

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