Flashing SD card in Orin Nano / NX

In the development Kit user guide and many of the forum answers, I see the procedure mentioned to flash SD card on Orin Nano. Orin Nano and Orin NX doesn’t support SD interface. How is it being used as a storage or boot device ?

The SD related pin on the SODIMM is being mapped to PCIe and other interfaces. How is SD card being used on the dev kit?

Our Orin Nano devkit module is different SKU than the standalone one, there is SD card slot on Orin Nano devkit, you can refer to Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Getting Started Guide | NVIDIA Developer

I am trying to flash the NVMe with my custom carrier board and Orin Nano Module.
It is stuck at some point as in attached log. Please let me know the steps to proceed.
target1.txt (23.9 KB)

The SD card of a dev kit is mounted directly to the module, whereas third party units with eMMC would have to add this to the carrier board. It sounds like you have an eMMC model with the SD card on the carrier board. Is that correct? If so, then a dev kit SD card driver in the boot stage is different than one which is on the carrier board. If this is a third party carrier board, then it requires the third party manufacturer’s software since firmware and drivers differ. Is this a third party kit?

yes we are using custom BSP to flash the external NVMe on our custom carrier board.
We do not have SD card instead we are using x4 PCIe from the module on external NVMe for booting.
How to define the flash or boot sequence ?
I have attached the failure log. Kindly suggest.
Jackson-Orin-nx-8GB-flash-log-failuer.txt (277.3 KB)

Did you remember to disable the cvb eeprom readsize in mb2 config file? Most custom board flash require this step.

Yes, it has been disabled. However from the log we see the failure is when the BSP is getting flashed. Could you recheck ?

Do you have Xavier NX devkit to validate this first?

we have tried but couldn’t succeed.
What do you suspect while suggesting the option of xavier NX devkit ?

Didn’t you say you are using custom board? I am asking NX devkit.

Yes. But hardware changes shouldn’t cause flashing failure. Hence, please check the log and suggest if the process followed has any missing loop.

No, please just try to get the XNX devkit board first.

Also, what flash command is in use here? What module is in use?

Comparing a boot log of the same thing on a dev kit helps because it it validates part of the host PC content, the USB cable, so on. The flash to a dev kit doesn’t even have to be a complete success, but a comparison to the flash log of the custom carrier board has meaning.

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